Bred for meat, not bone.

It's unusual to see pictures of stags without antlers, but of course it's the venison that pays the bills for most deer farmers.

The bone on the head contributes a tiny proportion of the industry's earnings, and the bone in the body is likely to be worthless as soon as the processors can measure it. For these reasons Deer Improvement applies absolutely no selection pressure on antlers, and negative selection pressure on bone in the carcass.

These stags form the world's highest ranking group of sires bred for venison production. They have good numbers of progeny in up to seven herds, providing genetic evaluations you can rely on. Used as a team the reliability is further enhanced, and because they each represent a different bloodline, genetic diversity is assured.

  • Czar, with a BV of 24.8 kg, by Cossar out of an Admiral hind. Czar tops our list for both growth rate and all carcass traits.
  • Bremen, with a BV of 24.0 kg, by Bonn (half German out of a Foveran hind), from an outstanding Crusader dam.
  • Corona, with a BV of 23.8 kg, by Colossus from a top ranked Doncaster hind.
  • Commodore, with a BV of 21.7 kg, an Admiral son from a Remarkables Park daughter of Carl.

These sires are available directly to every deer farmer using AI, with the added bonus of closing your herd to the risk of disease from imported animals.

All you have to do is pick your top hinds and tell us what day you want them mated.


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